Christian Nationalism or Christian Patriotism?

From October 26,2023:

The Trinity Forum has an excellent podcast you can listen to on The Challenge Of Christian Nationalism. Good discussion on the difference between Christian Patriotism and Christian Nationalism. Search on You Tube. It’s worth a listen if you have given much thought to issues of policalization of religion or attempts at limiting freedom of religion by government.

From September 27,2023:

I am a Christian and a Patriot, in that order. I am not a Nationalist Christian. Two Christian theologians discuss the difference (from The Trinity Forum. The podcast is worth a listen.

Mark Noll: Let’s …..”distinguish between responsible Christian patriotism and what might be called damaging or destructive Christian nationalism. Responsible Christian patriots love their country, but also realize that God’s standards of right and wrong must apply to my country as well as to all the countries of the world. In contrast, Christian nationalists are often those who love their country right or wrong, and refuse to allow any criticism of its history. Responsible Christian patriots try to show how Christianity can be a service to the nation; extreme nationalists make Christianity a servant of the nation. Maybe a contrast can make the distinction even sharper. Responsible Christian patriotism expresses confident loyalty, along with the capacity for self-criticism. Damaging or destructive Christian nationalism expresses fearful loyalty with a compulsion to demonize opponents. But then it’s really important to make a contextual statement that these are polar opposites with a lot of ambiguous gray areas in between, particularly because, ……Christian nationalists are really not a sharply focused thing, but a series of loosely defined ideological positions.

Vincent Bacote: Let me add one thing to that in terms of just a short way to sort of illustrate that. If you think about the cross: patriotism, rightly construed from a Christian point of view, will put the flag at the foot of the cross. Christian nationalism wants to drape the [flag] over them. So is God serving your country, the sponsor of your country, or are you, as a Christian, operating wherever you are and having loyalty, but not your primary loyalty to your country over God?”

From February 25, 2021-

Below is an email solicitation I received from Dr Carol Swain, for whom I have great respect. This paragraph in particular caught my attention:

“We owe it to our children to stand up when their teachers are telling them to be ashamed and guilty of who they are. None of that is possible unless we honestly teach them what it means to be an American.”

One observation I would extend ……. the tact to take here is not an appeal to patriotism, nationalism, or what it means to be an American. Rather, it is the plain truth that each and every one of us, of every color, shape, size,age, nation of birth and any other physical demographic aspect, are first and foremost beloved children of God who created each of us as unique and worthy beings. But advocacy for the spiritual dignity and worth of individuals before God has become so un-cool in our world today, so politically incorrect and socially shamed that it seems easier to appeal to patriotism and populism rather than get dismissed as a religious nut. It’s appealing to a widely held value of people with shared history and traditions that can be sniped at from globalist elites as narrow minded, xenophobic, and outdated……when the real thing at risk is a rarely embraced virtue of the universality of human worth to God and sanctity of human life.

“You ARE a racist!


You and your children WILL be made to accept your racism.

You and your children WILL be taught to feel bad if they are white.

You and your children WILL be held accountable for the acts of any other person in your race.

This is the message of the forced inclusion curriculum being taught in public schools all over the nation, and if anyone dares to speak up about it, they WILL be cancelled and labeled a racist monster in their community.

This twisted way of thinking, and the push to teach it to our children is one of the greatest threats facing our nation. I cannot sit by and allow it to continue. The Be The People Project was established to fight this disgusting trend by educating the American people, and we need your immediate support to educate people about this filth in our schools.

My name is Dr. Carol Swain, and I grew up in a shack with no bathroom, was a high school dropout, a teenage wife and mother. Now I’m living the American Dream as an award-winning author, public speaker, and retired professor where I was tenured at Princeton and Vanderbilt. My writings have been cited in 2 different Supreme Court decisions.

Watch the InterviewI was on the Laura Ingraham Show last week to talk about this critical topic – if you didn’t catch it, you can see the full interview.

This all stems from the poisonous tree of critical race theory, and what most people don’t know about critical race theory is that it is BIG business. Companies and local governments are spending tens of millions of dollars with these race hucksters to make sure they are the “most woke” among their liberal friends.

The Progressive Movement and its leaders in Washington and in local governments nationwide are all in on critical race theory as so long as it keeps people from questioning the direct connection between the Marxist Black Lives Matter organization and the leftist leaders who support them. If you dare to stand up and disagree, they can label you a racist monster and have you canceled. It is the ultimate power, and we are just allowing them to have it and I have a plan to cancel their power.

I need your help to educate our nation and counter the BLM agenda in our nation’s schools. Will you donate $1,000, $500, $250, $100, or just $45 TODAY?

With your tax-deductible donation, the Be the People Project will be a leading voice in patriotic education (especially our impressionable children), with a curriculum of conservative Judeo-Christian values and principles that relate to a solid understanding of our nation’s founding principles as enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution……….

We owe it to our children to stand up when their teachers are telling them to be ashamed and guilty of who they are. None of that is possible unless we honestly teach them what it means to be an American.

Thank you, and May God Bless America,

Dr. Carol Swain
Dr. Carol Swain
Founder, Be the People Project

P.S. America cannot keep falling for the liberal lies. I am working to educate America, especially our youth, about the Constitution, and I need your help in this critical mission if we are to save our Republic. Please donate TODAY!