Does peace equal contentment….

Recently, an adult Sunday school class of which I am a part has been contemplating “contentment”. Whenever the topic of contentment comes up, most people seem to automatically preface it with “peace and…..”, as if the two are so closely related as to be synonymous.

For quite a few years I have been using the occasion of the New Year as a time for self assessment of my own sense of peacefulness. In the years that I have been doing that, I think I have, at times, associated being at peace with contentment, too. And yet, as I reflect on the last few years, I seem to always have “something going”, as my husband says. Does having goals and being busy mean that one is not at peace or contented? I think as long as one feels that she is being obedient to the Lord and pursuing His will for her life, then, even if life is busy or, at times, chaotic, she can still feel peace and contentment in the midst of it. Paul said he’d learned to be content in ALL circumstances. That’s what I’m aiming for.