Learning something new all the time….

When my husband scheduled a trip to visit our grandchildren, who happen to live in Indianapolis, the weekend of the Indy 50o, it was obvious what his intended goal was. As a happy serendipity, however, he arrived in time to accompany our six year old grandson (and 30 or so other 6 year olds!) on a duckpin bowling field trip.

When our daughter in law told me what they were going to do, I imagined bowling pins in the shape of ducks being toppled by standard bowling balls. The idea of it alone was a howl. Then, after hearing about the event and sneeking a peak at Wikipedia, I discovered it is played with normal-looking, though downsized, pins and a smaller ball, just right for 6 year old sized hands and it’s played in teams so that it moves quickly and everyone gets numerous shots at the pins. Papa reported that a good time was had by all, including him. The pictures they sent me by email were the proof!