A New Way to Do Life Recovery Counseling

This summer I have experimented with a new concept at Titus 2 – a weekend intensive in individual recovery counseling. A young woman from out of town with some life recovery needs was referred to me by a mutual friend. She is employed and attending school, caring for a couple of family members and does not have the luxury of an extended stay in a residential recovery program. She has struggled to find appropriate counseling that could accommodate her schedule requirements and her desire for more time in sessions. After one lengthy face-to-face session, a couple of shorter video sessions and some texting to address needs “in the moment,” we decided that an overnight weekend “intensive” for her might work. She came late on a Friday afternoon and we had a 3-hour long session that evening. Afterward, she went to get a quick supper and spent some time visiting with our students. Saturday morning, she enjoyed breakfast with the Titus 2 ladies and the son of one woman who was visiting with mom for the weekend, too. At 9:30a.m. Saturday we started another 3- hour session in the privacy of the counseling office. We broke for lunch and a stretch, then had a final couple of hours of work. She stated that the time and effort had accomplished what she wanted. I was able to schedule it around the residential students’ down time and help her get further along in her recovery work more quickly. Here is her response to the weekend:

“I came to Titus 2 prepared and thinking that I was there to deal with my issues in recovery, which I thought was the most   important thing in my life at the moment. Little did I know that God had other plans.
My 2 days spent at Titus 2 not only gave me the ground work I needed to start healing in recovery but also eye opening insights into how I view my salvation and Jesus.
As someone who works and is in school, I often worried about how I could possibly get the help I felt I needed without jeopardizing the other important things in my life. Being able to spend the weekend at Titus 2 opened the door for me to start healing and to live my life as I normally would.
It’s amazing how much healing can happen in 24-48 hours!”


If this “weekend intensive” is something that other individuals might find helpful in getting a quick-start on addressing life-limiting dysfunctions or “stage of life” or other transitions, it is something that I will consider offering other individual women, as space and time is available. It was invigorating and satisfying to watch this young woman grasp new insights and relief from anxiety as God journeyed with us in our conversations. I thank God for bringing this solution to mind for this particular lady and trust always that he knows what is needed and that I will be trustworthy and faithful in obedience to his direction.