How Stupid Does FB Think I Am?

I find it ironic that Facebook regularly sends me messages on the Titus 2 or the Christians Growing Christians notifications page that “you haven’t posted in a while” and inviting me to post and boost posts by paying for reach. Yet, I know quite well that their algorithms limit viewers of my posts. They compress my reach so that I’m essentially just posting for my own convenience as a journal to preserve some thoughts, then they want to sell me ads to boost my posts. However, they do not really want the Gospel messages that I post to get any distribution and even if I were stupid enough or conceited enough to think that any significant number of people really want to read what I think that I would be willing to pay to boost a post, how in the world could I trust that they actually WOULD distribute it broadly or that any more people than just I alone would actually see it?????. They obviously think that people are not wise to their liberal agenda-promoting, anti-biblical bias, money-grubbing, message limiting practices! LOL! Bill tells me I need to go back to the old method of internet information distribution, inviting people to share their email addresses with me if they want to subscribe for free to receive Titus 2, Christians Growing Christians, or my own personal posts. I’d probably reach more people who actually care to read the posts than through any of the current social media platforms ! I have no interest in selling anyone’s contact information and use it only to share our ministry activities.  So, I’m weighing the decision to eliminate Twitter altogether and evaluating other internet distribution options.  If you want to read Titus 2 and Christian Growing Christians information or read the things I write personally about life’s journey, you are welcome to send me your email address and I’ll set up a Mail Chimp distribution list just for that.


A friend in marketing and promotion shared this article about advertising on FB.  It provides reasons why businesses need to use Facebook.


I am not a business.  I am just a person who got sucked into the social media world and now find that it is trying to monetize much of what the rest of us post.

Here is my response:

Titus 2 and my personal posts are not B2B or even B2C. I largely post ministry messages and hope to encourage others, delivering them person to person. FB and TW both are limiting access for those of us who are not “marketing” a message we will pay them to promote. And even if we paid them to promote those messages, their acknowledged bias and limits on religious and conservative messages now makes us suspicious that they would actually deliver reach. Not exactly what most of us expected when we started on social media and when others “friended” or “liked” what we were posting for public view. So it’s been a “bait and switch” to make it feel inviting and warm and fuzzy for individuals, then constrict the reach and pitch us over and over again to “boost” our posts by paying to do so. If I were a business I would likely use it to extend reach, but I agree with you that the message has to be engaging to catch eyes. In trusting God to deliver what he wants to whom he wants I can simply cast my bread upon the waters and allow God to take it where he chooses!