Self disclosure…

In the process of getting to know a new class or group, a teacher often has to be somewhat transparent and reveal things about herself in order to allow the group to get to know her well enough to feel comfortable and open themselves. I have done that a bit as I’ve been teaching the Friendship Class (our adult seniors) over the last few months.

Today our topic was about our responsibilities as members of the church, including the responsibility to correct and encourage one another. I shared with them some of the times when discerning Christians have corrected or admonished me. Like Linda Mainor calling my hand years ago over some complaining I was doing and telling me that I needed to get rid of the spirit of rebellion in myself, that it was something I needed to take to the Lord. And like Cindy Holland correcting me ten years or so ago when I looked at the way two Christian women were at odds with one another in a group and using that as an excuse to withdraw from service in the group myself. And the way that I make mistakes from time to time and have to be corrected by members of our pastoral staff or others.

Several people came up to me afterward and told me how much they appreciated what I have been teaching in recent months. They seem invigorated. One said she had felt convicted about spending more time in Bible study. I’ve received a couple of very nice notes recently, too, from members thanking me for my leadership in the class.

I trust that the Lord will guide me to be judicious in what I share, that it will always be for the purpose of instruction and for the glory of God and not for the benefit of my own reputation.