Now and again….

I realize that it’s been six weeks since I posted. Graduate school has proven to be more time consuming than I had expected and I have been seriously reconsidering whether the time and effort to blog were worthwhile. A Christianity Today online magazine article revealed that there have been more people who have departed the blogosphere than those who are actively blogging today. It is a time consuming venture. And one which, apparently, many have decided is no longer worth the time or effort.

Since my years of journaling have been characterized by weeks, even months of lapses at times, I have not felt particularly compelled to blog any more regularly than I have felt compelled to journal. It has been more a matter of when I feel the urge to share something in particular.

Well, I feel the urge. It seems that the title of this blog, “Discipler of Self”, has been perceived by some as arrogance on my part. One would expect that readers would at least avail themselves of the descriptive post that describes how I came to the title. “Self” is who I am. “Discipler” is Christ, the Holy Spirit. “Discipler of Self” is Christ instructing me through His Word, through His Spirit.

Oh, well.