There are times that entire families, multiple generations get “stuck” due to an event or circumstances that set like concrete around them. Bereavement or the grief of other devastating losses can precipitate the “stuckness”.   Some things that can contribute to the stuckness are avoidance of the issues, deferring to the emotional instability or control of the most stuck person, secret-keeping, eggshell-walking,  power plays, emotional distancing, guilt, shame, attempts at protecting one another, etc.

When, however, even one person in the family dynamic begins to see the problem and brings prayer, courage, and wise counsel to bear, things can change quickly.  Refusing to “protect” others from the truth or keep secrets from others in the family suddenly can dismantle the framework that is keeping the stuckness in place.

It is very true that a “word rightly spoken” can do great good.   In one situation I was privileged to observe, a credible, compassionate, and skilled communicator address family issues in a direct way at a strategic point, with a stuck person and within a matter of days, three generations being adversely affected by the “stuckness” of mostly one person tumbled. It was done in Christ’s name, with the presence of his Spirit, and using his Word.  New communication was opened.  New solutions to what seemed to be fearsome anxieties and problems found their way into the mix.

I am privileged and humbled to see such work within families as Christian communities bring biblical principles to bear to resolve hurts that have been festering for years.  All because one person asked for prayer.  Prayer became purposeful action and action led to healing.