The Medal Winner Is……..

James MacDonald’s message on 8/2/16  at Walk in the Word” How to live by Faith”, was very apropos, given the Olympics in Rio: 

Nahum 1:7 The Lord is good,  A stronghold in the day of trouble,  And He knows those who take refuge in Him. 


It was such a simple illustration.  MacDonald detailed the “medal winners” of faith in 2 scenarios:


1.       Someone harmed you.

Bronze medal faith- Not seeking revenge-  not paying evil for evil.   Instead, trusting God’s goodness and justice.

Silver medal faith- Forgiveness.  Write it off.  Release the person from debt, nothing required in return.

Gold medal faith-  Doing good to your enemy.  2 Samuel 9:1.  David calls for Saul’s sons and slaves after Saul’s death.  The usual response to someone who was an enemy was to kill his family so no one would rise up to continue the battle later.  Instead, David made Mephibosheth like his own family and gave land to Saul’s other family and servants.


2.         You have been greatly blessed and prospered.

Bronze medal faith-  generosity with the gain you have received

Silver medal faith-  service to others with one’s own time and gifts

Gold medal faith-   sacrifice.  2 Samuel 24:24.   David says “I will not offer that which cost me nothing.”  In response to a man’s effort to give him free land to build the temple.