Discovering Family History

Family History:  (CBB 6/12/2018)

Bill and I attended a funeral in MOntgomery today. It was a first cousin of his, Marie Echols, who died last week at 94. Her children gave Bill this picture of his father, William Harry Byrd, who had been her uncle, on the left in his 20’s around early 1930’s. The bride,seated, was his first wife. We believe this was in Flint, Michigan. We believe her name was Marie. They had an infant that died and she got TB and died in a sanitarium. At 45 he married Marilyn, in her early 20’a and a nursing student at Wayne State. Bill was their firstborn. They had another child, an infant girl who died from hemolytic disease of the newborn. The other couple in the photo are Stella and Leo Pepin who came from Michigan to our wedding in Auburn in 1972! They were related to Marie and continued as friends of Bill’s Dad until he died in 1974. Bill had never seen this photo of his Dad. It was a sweet moment.