“Becoming” Through Self Improvement

This is a “mindfulness” coach’s perspective on taking charge of your life and making a change for the better. The definition of “recovery” , in her case,from PTSD. At the heart of this is basic cognitive behavioral therapy. CBT. This embraces the culture’s view of “Becoming” through self-improvement. She was very briefly dismissive of those who have “even sought healing from PTSD through spiritual pursuits,” as if that were a non-starter. She says first step is :
“Face your dark side to find the Light.” Take a stand against your dark side. Really? What is that dark side and where did it come from? Original sin? The presence of evil in the world? Your mother’s neglect? Your shame over your crooked teeth? The bullies’ taunts in 5th grade?

2.)”Take action to change the cycle”. face the pain, recognize the pattern of ups and downs. Adopt habits that support the up cycle. Need consistency. That’s the only magic pill!! Quitting is the only way to lose. Payoff comes only after faithful perseverance. Use the “compound effect”. Early results in any program are negligible, she says. But over time you can see the results and get more traction. Quick fixes don’t work. It’s a simple law of life. You have to get past the slow start. Develop your recovery habits worksheet, your list of tools that work will cover all areas of your life that will need to change.

3.) “Eliminate symptoms permanently.” Learn how to break down the walls and learn to restore life to “living in the “castle”, she says. “The “castle” is the perfect, unmarred state into which you were born.” Ah, the utopian humanistic assumption! Return to the “tabula rosa” and recreate life in the image you want it to be. There’s where she and I part ways. Then she goes into neurobiology science and short term and long term memory processing. “Harnessing the power of your working memory system to make change permanent.” She says…. thru 4 techniques. Build a powerful mindset by keeping an open mind, dig deep in your unconscious (and your pocketbook for coaching lessons?? In her Broken to Unbreakable recovery program!). Of course! Move along, folks, nothing new to see here. Master your mind. And join thousands who’ve done her program. The newest mindfulness Snake oil promoted by a really gifted, non-mental health professional, lay person. She’s experienced pain, begun a journey, stumbled into some truths, and will now SELL you her step by step process for achieving the same success she has. Exalted personal experience and reason. There are so many who approach life this way. Good for them! Uh, God has already made the principles, the process, and the practices available for everyone for free.