Remembering Things Lost

One issue that we have to work on at Titus 2 is hoarding. Many of the women coming to us have had personal belongings stolen, had to abandon their possessions to get out of dangerous situations time and time again, or lost everything when they couldn’t pay a monthly storage fee. When housing safety is in place, they may be tempted to gather up excess clothing, purses, shoes, accessories, and other items that they want. We talk about trusting God’s provision and knowing that there will likely be more things made available over time, so they don’t have to stock up on so much “stuff” all at once right now.

Occasionally something comes in as a donation and a student will say, “My grandmother (or mother or aunt, etc) had one just like that!” That is generally a signal of attachment. It is joy to hand them some little item- a picture, a piece of jewelry, a trinket box, an ornament, a mirror, a dish or some other memento that provides a connection to some good memory.

We listen for memories that connect in positive ways. One woman talked wistfully about a Christmas tradition of her now-deceased Mother freezing chocolate covered cherries and the two of them enjoying them together through the season. When I saw a display of boxes of chocolate covered cherries, I purchased a box for her and suggested that she might share that tasty tradition with her sisters in the Titus 2 house. Tears came to her eyes as she grasped the box of candy to her chest and smiled at recapturing a precious memory.