Critical Transportation

Last week was one of accomplishing many goals for Titus 2 students: 1 passed her GED pretest and was recognized as “Student of the Week” at Haney, 2 got birth certificates, 2 secured drivers licenses, 2 secured replacement Social Security cards, 2 started banking accounts for the first time EVER, 1 started a part time job, 1 moved into transitional living in town after completing her Titus 2 program, 1 began Medication Assisted Treatment for alcohol abuse history, 1 completed community service hours on 2 cases and paid off a fine, and more…..

These may seem like small and mundane things to some people, but to those whose lives have been marked by chaos and dysfunction for years, checking things off their “need to do” lists on the way to independent living is a big deal! These students have to earn the money to pay for things like birth certificates and drivers licenses by doing yard work or housecleaning jobs.
This same week I watched the odometer as my 2005 Honda Element rolled over 150,000 miles. I got it used from the original owners in October 2014 with 53,000 miles on it. I’ve put nearly 100,000 miles on it in just over 3 years. This is part of the cost of ministry….wear and tear on personal vehicle as I take these women to various appointments. My car has been in the shop twice in the last 3 months for major scheduled wear and tear parts replacement service. It also needs a new set of tires.

Our Titus 2 white Mazda sedan transports students to and from school daily and on church and grocery shopping outings and has over 150,000 miles, too. It was purchased a year and a half ago at a discount from a ministry friend. It has also had some major scheduled replacement parts service and new tires in the last few months. After rent on the residence, monthly transportation costs are the second largest expense of Titus 2’s ministry. This is evidence of how necessary transportation is for successful living, goal setting, securing and sustaining employment, etc.

Receiving the donation of a serviceable automobile is a greatly valued gift when one has saved up the money for title transfer, tag, registration, and insurance costs.. Generally, however, they are older vehicles that require costly age-related service, too. Titus 2 and some of our automotive partners help students get those safety and performance repairs. Sometimes it is a free battery or electrical repair. Sometimes it is financing a new set of tires interest-free for an employed student just getting started on her own.
Transportation self-sufficiency is a blessing that Titus 2 recognizes and helps facilitate. But God puts it on the hearts of people to help! Donate financial support to Titus 2 to help with transportation costs or consider donating a used automobile.