A new month, a new cold….

I’m in the midst of my third cold in about as many months. It may be my imagination, but they seem to follow visits with grandchildren. Exposure to unfamiliar strains of cold viruses, perhaps? Maybe it’s just that, after months and months of burning the candle at both ends, my immune system is sagging.

At least I seem to be getting over this one a little faster. I’ve actually tried to get more rest with this one and been more conscientious about taking vitamins and cold meds to battle the symptoms.

Unfortunately, though, I seem to have passed it on to my husband. Poor baby! Now we are taking care of one another – getting pain reliever and cough syrup, pouring juice, etc.

I was talking to an older friend recently and she was commenting on how she and her husband have grown in their ability to care for one another more effectively through sickness. They’ve both been through some major health threats in recent years and have had alternating opportunities to minister to one another in the midst of it.

Bill was talking to a single friend of his who has also been under the weather with a lengthy cold. We both thought how sad it is that he is alone in his misery with no one to comfort and wait on him in his sickness.

Bill and I find ourselves encouraging one another to take better care of ourselves. As we’ve both noted, we can’t afford to both be sick at the same time. We need one another and we need one another well!