In the early hours before dawn my husband had to catch a flight. Neither of us slept well, waiting for the 4:00am alarm to ring and preparing for the dash out the door. So, by the time the alarm rang, we were both up moving about, him getting dressed, me packing for him. We were both getting things together and into the suitcase and vehicle. We were hurrying along trying very hard to meet the airline’s deadline for check in. As we arrived at the airport we realized we had left home with his suitcase, but had forgotten the briefcase, each of us thinking the other had it as we loaded up. I dropped him off and made a mad dash back home to retrieve it. Realizing there was no way to make it, I called a neighbor at 5:10am to ask for help. Fortunately he and his wife are early risers and he answered my call with a bright “hello”. I explained my plight and he offered to go over, get the briefcase, and meet me part way. His help cut at least 10 minutes off my trip and I returned to the airport to deliver the briefcase. Bill arrived at his destination only slightly worse for the wear and the day continued otherwise uneventfully.

This isn’t the first time that I’ve called on these neighbors since we moved in three years ago, but this was probably the most inconveniencing need that I’ve had. I’ll have to say that they rose to the occasion in quite neighborly fashion. I had the opportunity to go over after work to thank them again for the help. Somehow, though, I just feel that something more needs to be done. And, it being Valentine’s Day weekend, it would be a nice time to treat them to an appreciative gift of thanks.

It’s nice to know there are still neighborhoods where people help one another out in a pinch.
May I be perceived by others as being as available and willing as this neighbor has proven to be.