Be careful of the appearances you give….

I am a busy person. I like being busy. And I enjoy the satisfaction of getting things checked off my to do list. But more and more I realize that I may just be giving off vibes that I am too busy for the people who actually are the more important part of my daily life. One can be so task focused and engaged that people perceive them as unavailable.

This was brought home to me once again this week. I had a unexpected opportunity to pick up a student and bring her home from a work site. On the way we had a nice time chatting. She shared things that were a pleasant surprise about her future plans and things that are happening in her life. I realized how little I know about this student. As we arrived at home, she said to me that she was glad we’d had a chance to talk, that she had wanted to talk to me about these things but that I just always seemed to be so busy! I told her that it is true that I usually have several things going all the time and that I like having things to do, but I reassured her that her needs and those of the other students are the most important part of my day and that I will always be available any time that she wants to talk. She thanked me for that and seemed genuinely surprised and appreciative.

I have to be more careful to be available – present – at rest – enough to be approachable.
I recall once that someone told me that “B U S Y” means “Being Under Satan’s Yoke”. It is true that it is difficult to do God’s work if one is in too big a hurry and too preoccupied with her own agenda.

“Teach me timing, Lord……”, as one prayer goes. Slow me down…….Give me greater awareness of and availability to others.