Remaking a House a Home

Written 5/17/19- as we have been clearing, cleaning, and repairing the Titus 2 life recovery residence.

I received a call yesterday from the piano technician who pronounced the death knell upon our ministry’s Baldwin piano recently. He’d located a wonderful replacement …FREE TO US….requiring only that we pay a moving fee. He would then come and tune it for us at no charge. Choking back tears, again. One of the Titus 2 ladies came to me and said, “I want to know what is behind this emotion over the piano.” I could not even respond….. just shook my head and said, “Another time.” Too close, too personal. Too much of a God-and-me thing.
I will try…..I am not a particularly adept musician….adequate, at best. But what small gift I have was trained in the church by a church musician ,playing on Sunday nights at First Baptist Church of Shellman, Georgia. I can play through most of the Baptist and Methodist Hymnals. I love the Celebration Hymnal and Christmas Hymns. I play some classical music, mostly religious in nature. The Lord has given me a couple of songs… songs, my songs, our songs…. songs of the heart for just us. I love piano music. Playing piano can lift my spirit when it is sad. It can center and ground my soul when it is flighty and chaotic. He allowed me to have a baby grand piano, a desire of my heart that I thought was silly and irresponsible for such a modestly talented musician as myself…..and yet, here it sits in my home for the last 25 or so years. I don’t play often… I prefer to play when no one is around….. just God and me. An audience of one…. a concert by his little girl. And I know he listens as I play hymns for him.