Doorknob Mystery

From 2/7/22 journal

I sleep with my bedroom door locked. Of course, all the outside doors are locked as well, but it just gives me an extra measure of security. If anyone breaks in, I have a few minutes of notice before they can get to me…. This morning I walked to the door to unlock it then turned and pulled the knob. The knob on the outside fell off on the floor in the hallway as I pulled. I stood there looking at it thinking,”What in the world….??” The knob had not been loose. There had been no sticking of the knob or the lock component. It just fell apart without warning. Huh! Imagine that.

I am fond of doors. I am particularly fond of their functionality, including locking. Here is a photo of Doors of Auburn that Bill and I purchased 10-15 years ago because we liked the inviting doors!

I was able to get the knob back on and secure it but it is a mystery how it happened. All screws were in place and seemed secure. They just had to be removed and reinstalled after the knob and collar were back in place.

I had posted this on social media and eventually a friend posted a possible reason for this mystery:

“I’m certain that it’s the type of knob that you have installed. Some door knobs have a certain way that the outer casing twists
on and off the two bolts/screws that holds it tight to the door. If the bolts/screws loosen any then the casing twists when you turn the knob which then falls off. I have the same type of knob on my front exterior door.”. ( Mark N.)

Who knew such a thing was likely with certain kinds of knobs?