Twelve Step Lifestyle

Some view Twelve Steps as something only those with chemical addiction do. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is a useful foundational self-evaluation tool for spiritual, psychological, and relational growth. Some approach it with dread and anxiety. Abut I believe it is a wonderful way to know one’s self better in order to give oneself to God and others better and more fully!

A thorough, fearless, and searching Twelve Step study under the supervision of a Christian who is experienced in spiritual direction and guidance can be one of the most helpful spiritual discipline practices you will ever undertake‚Ķ..Life-changing. Peace-making. God-revealing. Spirit-affirming. Christ-accompanying. Identity-strengthening. Relationship-reconciling. Past-liberating. Present- fulfilling. Future-empowering. John Wesley’s small group bands formed around similarities of life experiences were likely the first groups to exemplify the principles of the Twelve Steps (which really boil down to 6 fundamental tasks- Steps 1-3 Gaining Peace with God, Steps 4-5 Fearless and Searching Moral Inventory to Gain Peace with Self, Steps 6-7 Total Surrender to God and Invitation to God to Replace Character Defects with His Character, Steps 8-9 Amends and Reconciliations to have Peace with Others, Steps 10-11 Planning and Practicing Maintaining Peace, Step 12 Sharing Peace with Others

It is an immersion in discipleship that is intended to become a way of life, not a checklist to be accomplished once and set aside. The curriculum we have used at Titus 2 and additional biblical resources we use make it high-impact and personally meaningful for our women. It is not a cookie cutter rote exercise.