To Know and Be Known

Dr. Curt Thompson speaks on knowing and being known….the first of what I have come to know as valued and necessary components of community – “to know and be known, love and be loved, admonish and be admonished, celebrate and be celebrated, and serve and be served.”
Interpersonal biology says “we don’t really see ourselves until we see ourselves through another’s eyes.” The most painful expressions of despair I have heard from others have come across in their cries over how utterly alone and unknown they feel for who they really are. Perhaps it is not others’ inability to see us and know us, but our own inability to know and see ourselves as we are seen and known by God and others because of our fear of being seen and known for who we ourselves believe ourselves to be. It is mercy to us embraced and believed…. whether it is unconditional acceptance from God or another person that can begin to unbind us…help us know and love ourselves as we are known and loved by another.

Curt Thompson: To Know and to Be Known
Curt Thompson M.D., author of Anatomy of the Soul, talks about interpersonal neurobiology and the human thirst for knowledge—our quest to know things—and to be known.