Loss of Fellowship or Loss of Love?

Sinful conduct separates us from fellowship with Holy God but never from the steadfast love of God. It may also separate us from fellowship with other people even though their love for us continues as well. I’ve seen this over and over in life recovery counseling where families have had to set boundaries and limit or even cease fellowship with another member due to choices made to violate family values and standards of conduct. There was s time when Bill and I had to ask a teenager to leave our (and his) home due to destructive, violent and aggressive outbursts. We gave him options including military service, emancipation and support for employment, move in with his friends, or other choices he desired. But continuing in his conduct at the time in our home was not one of them. When he came home 24 hours later he was repentant, apologetic and ready to work at resolving his anger. Our love was unwavering as was the insistence for peace in our home. He chose to cooperate with the values and standards of the family rather than lose the benefits of car, college, family security and fellowship. We were all glad. Family is always family but at a certain point one has a choice to live peaceably with family or part ways.

“In as much as it is up to you, live peaceably with one another.” Sometimes it is not up to us and others make their choice.
At that point the best thing we can do is pray for them, let them go, and trust God’s will for everyone involved.