The Power of Love

What a precious morning! Pastor Craig Carter preached on a sacred 4-letter word-“Love”. From Romans 8:31-35,37-39
God’s genuine love convinces us that God is on our side. The God of heaven is for me, not against 
It also connects us to God. Nothing can separate us from it! Additionally, it connects us to one another. “People who love each other form a bond.”
It enables us to be conquerors! It grants to us the fullness of life and power!
It is the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus, that we have when we follow him.
It was such a perfect message for me this morning.
I have dreamed about Bill several times since his death in August. And I dreamed about him last night. I was in the kitchen at my new home in Waterfall. Heard Bill and his long time friend-brother, Pete Musgrove ( who still lives in Nashville) coming in the front door laughing and bantering. I walked around the corner to greet them. They looked just like I’ve seen them so many times, smiling, like they had just come from a game of golf or from enjoying a meal of seafood. Seeing the two of them here in this new place with me was such a comfort.
Isn’t it miraculous how we can carry the images of people we love wherever we find ourselves, joining us where we are? It was just a brief moment of welcoming them “home”, here, with me. The power of love, not even death can separate us……     CBB 3/28/21