A memory shared from Mar. 27, 2014:

“May 1983- 2 couples died in a plane crash near Montgomery, AL in route home from a vacation…..Gloria Galloway was one of those people. She was a classy and kind lady, someone I admired. She and Michael left behind two children. Those of us who knew and served alongside Gloria in local civic activities experienced heart ache for their and our loss.
I was 29 years old. I have often said that was one of the worst years of my life….not only for her death, but a multitude of other things that were going on. Until this last year I don’t think I’ve had but one other year that was so challenging. 3 major league rough years in 60 years……not too bad, I’m thinking. Hope I can have a decode or so of peace and calm. Or at least, grace sufficient for whatever the years bring….. now that’s one prayer I can count on being answered. Thank you, Lord, for your grace sufficient for every need.
Tonight I made a casserole, the recipe shared with me by Gloria those decades ago. Every time I make it I think of Gloria and feel a moment of grief for the friendship that was lost in that tragedy.
Tomorrow this casserole will serve a family, at least one member of which has served as a chaperone with a youth group on a mission trip during spring break. I think Gloria would be pleased that she was remembered as I prepared this as an act of service to others who are serving….”
I’ve heard it said that, on average, individuals will experience a major life event challenge at least once a decade. In 2014, at age 60, I observed above that I’d experienced three really significant life challenges in six decades. I was beating the average by half! Well, I’ll have to say that now, at age 67, these last three years of my 7th decade have made up for earlier less traumatic decades. But the same prayer applies: a request for grace sufficient for whatever the years bring…… God continues faithfully answering that prayer.