“Critter Getter” Memories

Nature lesson for the day……. do not kill a creature that is harmless and beneficial.

Bill was so tender hearted toward all creation we killed very few species.    (roaches, mosquitoes, and yellow flies were about it!) But I was the delegated creature-catcher.  ( I was quicker and closer to their level than he was!). One time we had a little field mouse that got into the garage and was making a pest of himself.  We finally made a trail of crumbled cheese out the open garage door to a vacant field and gave him a little time. He took the bait and vacated the garage.  We’ve relocated out of our home or yard snakes, birds, turtles, a multitude of spiders, lizards, frogs, possums, raccoons, and one badass feral cat that Bill nicknamed “demon” who had our pets quaking and afraid to go outside.

We enjoyed our years by Deerpoint Lake. We occasionally caught sight of other “neighbors”- deer, bears, foxes, coyotes, eagles, osprey, ducks, geese, and alligators. Thankfully, I never had to remove any of them for our space!