Memorial Day Memories


May 24, 2020, 6:14 AM
Facebook covers up and places caution over the honest authentic emotions of loss and grieving the deaths of those who made the choice to stand for something good, something greater than themselves…. to love their families, their neighbors, their country, and the cause of peace and justice in a world where only brute power can subdue some evils. My Daddy, my stepgrandfather, Bill’s uncle, several of my uncles… all were veterans. Some served in horrific WWII theatres overseas and suffered from the loss of many of their own friends and came home with lasting wounds themselves. My Mother’s brother served three tours in Vietnam in the 60’s. My Daddy had served as an instructor at West Point from his army unit for 2 years in the early 50’s. I recall him asking Uncle Vernon, a career soldier in the 82rd Airborne Division if he had to go back for the third tour. Vernon said, “No, but if I didn’t go someone else would have had to go…. maybe someone with less experience or less commitment. At least I knew what I was doing there and how to get myself and my group back home as safely as possible” This Memorial Day their sacrifices deserve to be remembered and honored.