Parting Ways

God loves diversity and created us all to live together but when sin’s corruption screwed things up Darwin’s survival of the fittest ( i.e. the strongest, loudest, with the most physical stamina and least aversion to conflict, the one with the most power -however it is defined-and ability to leverage that power ) kicked in and some “species” adapted other modalities to survive. Some of those adaptations have made it impossible now for some of them to co-habit the same environments, even the same worlds, it seems. We’ve been at war too long. Move on. Create a New World where everyone’s odds of survival are better. God has not abandoned anyone. It’s just like Jesus said about Moses allowing divorce although God abhors divorce….. it was necessary due to the hardness of hearts. Ok. As Doug Pennington used to say, “ The good news is God will give you what you want. The bad news is God will give you what you want.” Be careful about what you what. As Isaiah reports,

God says, “Come let us reason together…..”. Us and God. And if “us and God” are good and “you and God” are good but “you and us” can’t come to peaceful co-existence and mutual respect and support, then it’s time to part ways.. You can still have love. You can still share SOME interests, but there is not going to be healthy, trusting community.