October Wildflowers: A Photo Video of a Weekend Retreat 2013

In October of 2013, three months after my Daddy’s death, I took a weekend retreat at a campground in a National Forest in Alabama.  It was a small guest house close to the campground director’s home.  I got there exhaursted, but with a big writing project to complete.  When I arrived Friday, I unpacked, then slumped into a puddle of tears, wailing and lamenting over Daddy’s death.  I had been so busy after his death dealing with my mother, the continued construction on our house, and so much more, that I had not had time to grieve.  So I cried most of that night and next morning.  The director stopped by to check on me and realized what a state I was in.  She invited me up to her sunporch for tea.  We talked and she helped me process the grief somewhat.  I was able to return to my guest house and do the writing work I needed to do. On Suinday afternoon when I was ready to leave, I drove around the camp and took some photos.  Then, as I drove home, I noticed so many wildflowers and other colorful flora that by the time I got, I wanted to create a “memory” of the weekend.  Bill put my photos together into a photo video and I wrote a story to go with it.  It has been a sweet memory for me.