How did that happen?

We are cat people. We have two adult cats that have called us their people for about 7 and 4 years, respectively. They mostly reside outdoors, except on the coldest days of winter when they’ll slip in and sleep under our bed. Then we have a new 10 week old kitten, Little Bit, who keeps us entertained and stays indoors, as he is too small to evade the hawk, owl, and other predators that make their way around the edge of our wooded neighborhood.

This morning I started the day as I usually do, filling the bowl just inside the back door with cat crunchies after the nightly feeding by our outdoor pair so Little Bit can have his morning meal. When I got to the bowl I found it cleaned of all crumbs and a quarter lying in it. A quarter. It made me smile. Either Little Bit has gotten into my husband’s tray of pocket change and managed to carry a quarter to the bowl or one of the outdoor cats left me a tip!

Our pastor, when asked if pets will be in heaven, says that since scripture says that it will be a happy place (no more tears) that undoubtedly dogs will be there, since he, like many of the rest of us have found so much joy in loving and being loved by our dogs. He is not a cat person and says, unequivocably, that cats most certainly will not be there. His opinion of them seems to be that they are sneaky, disloyal, and self absorbed. I don’t know about that. A cat that leaves a tip for his breakfast can’t be all bad!