More on shoes…..

Every few years I just happen to have the time and opportunity to hit the 70% off end of summer shoe sale at a local department store. I have written before about my considerably curtailed former bad habit of having tons of shoes. Since I implemented a practice of “one pair in, one pair out”, my closet clutter no longer continues to abound.

3-4 years ago I hit this sale on Labor Day by serendiptious accident and purchased three pair of solid dark nondesript sandals (at VERY reasonable prices) that I have now worn to a frazzle. Two pair had become embarrassingly scuffed and frayed. The sole finally split on one of them this past week. So, realizing I needed to replace my sandals, I headed out to the Labor Day sale in its final hours. Sure enough I found several selections of plain low-heeled sandals in my size from quality manufacturers that met my need, all in about 15 minutes. So I purchased 4 pair. Arriving home I popped open the boxes and promtly removed four worn pair from my closet, replacing them with the new sandals- 1 dressy, 2 for work, and 1 for casual wear. Now it’ll be another 3-4 years before I have to concern myself with shoe shopping again, except for the periodic tennis shoe update.

Life is so much easier when one has simplified her choices and set some boundaries.