An engaging suggestion……

For years I have saved one year’s Christmas cards until the next year. I take them out right after Thanksgiving and review them once again. Then I make my card list for the current year and begin writing. After the holiday I take the prior year’s cards, cut them up, saving appealing pieces of cards that can be used for bookmarks or other crafts. I also put away the current year’s cards for next year’s review.

Yesterday in the final Upper Room devotional entry for 2008, I read the title “Prayer Cards”. Upon reading the day’s devotional I found that the author’s ritual is far more useful and purposeful than my own. He takes the current year’s cards, one per day starting on New Year’s Day. After reminiscing over memories of the card’s sender, he spends time in prayer for the sender, being attentive to include any special prayer requests that come to mind as a result of reading the note in the card.

What a wonderful idea! I believe this is a worthy addition to the annual Christmas card routine. I pray that God will enable me to see this New Year’s resolution through to the finish!