Lights on the eaves……..

I just returned to this blog site after a brief (?) break and realized it’s been 10 days since my last visit. Wasn’t yesterday New Year’s Day? Each week seems to fly by. A new job must have something to do with that. Every day is so full. I have to keep lists of my daily activities to be done to assure that I don’t overlook something critical. Will it ever be routine? I sort of hope not.

Friday, January 9th, we received a Christmas card that finally found its way to our mailbox from Texas. Even late, it was still very welcome and brought news of friends from whom we hear only once a year. Today I talked to an 88 year old friend who said she sent no cards this year, but instead made phone calls to old friends. Her greeting to them was, ” Merry Christmas! I’m still alive!” She said each year more and more of her peers die, so just the fact that she and others have survived another year is news!

Yesterday I got the last of my Christmas decorations down. While it was certainly time to put it all away, I did it somewhat reluctantly. Several of the items are especially associated with memories. I could almost live with them out to see every day, all year ’round. But people would think I am just one of those crazies/lazies who never gets around to putting Christmas away, like the family in my husband’s boyhood neighborhood that kept its Christmas lights strung on the eaves all year.

Maybe a little reminder of Christmas on the coffee table or mantle all year ’round wouldn’t be a bad idea. Then we would be reminded to strive to sustain the “peace, goodwill to men” and the joyful expectation of the holiday day in and day out.

Maybe just one snowglobe……one holly-decorated candle holder…..or one small Holy Family nativity…..