Another Fisherman’s Story…..

As fervently and broadly as prayers by Christians have been being raised for the last month or so since this menacing contagion came to our attention, the fact that our leaders have shifted into a more sober, cooperative, urgent, and broader-based spirit of seriously seeking solutions while attempting to put aggressive protective and containment measures in place suggests to me that God is, in fact, acting on our prayers. I believe God IS acting redemptively and we will see some truly amazing things begin to happen!

If suddenly we awoke tomorrow and the contagion had begun quickly disappearing and people miraculously were immediately recovering overnight, would we know that God had allowed this in order to demonstrate his Presence and Power? What if, instead of the end times “sign of Jonah” has nothing to do with three days in darkness of the whale being like Jesus’ three days in the grave…..

What if the “sign of Jonah” is the preaching of repentance Jonah did in obedience to God after that which resulted in a wholesale mass revival of the Ninevites? Could we be on the precipice of a worldwide mass revival that will spread worldwide faster than the contagion?? Would we turn and worship the Lord or, like Jonah would we pout and begrudge the salvation of those we’d rather see punished? Would we shake our heads in disbelief and attribute it to the miracle of science demonstrated in chloroquin or another sudden drug “cure” or the effectiveness of a hastily developed vaccine or the brilliant strategies of American leadership?

Could we even believe such a thing??

Stay tuned….. Only the Shadow of the Most High knows….