Stay Safe. Stay Connected…….. For Life!

I had shared this social media “meme” and an “after church” photo last year….. This year’s “after church” photo is posted below last year’s meme and photo.  Today’s was taken at our home following a Youtube online stream of Lynn Haven UMC’s “simple service” from its gathering space/studio at the newly remodeled campus on Minnesota Ave in Lynn Haven, FL. (formerly the FUSION campus of Lynn Haven United Methodist Church).

3-22-2019   Social Media Post:

“For couples so eager to call it quits and throw in the towel on your relationship because everything isn’t ‘perfect’…here is some food for thought.
Lifelong commitment is not what most people think it is. It’s not waking up every morning to make breakfast and eat together. It’s not cuddling in bed until both of you fall asleep. It’s not a clean home filled with laughter and love making every day.
It’s someone who steals all the covers, and snores, it’s slammed doors and a few harsh words at times.
It’s stubbornly disagreeing and giving each other the silent treatment until your hearts heal, and then forgiveness.
It’s coming home to the same person every day that you know loves and cares about you in spite of, and because of, who you are.
It’s laughing about the one time you accidentally did something stupid.
It’s about dirty laundry and unmade beds.
It’s about helping each other with the hard work of life.
It’s about swallowing the nagging words instead of saying them out loud.
It’s about eating the easiest meal you can make and sitting down together at a late hour because you both had a crazy day.
It’s when you have an emotional breakdown and your love lays down with you and holds you, and tells you everything is going to be okay. And you believe them.
It’s about still loving someone even though sometimes they make you absolutely insane.
Loving someone isn’t always easy, sometimes it’s hard. But it is amazing and comforting and one of the best things you will ever experience.
If you are blessed to have a wonderful partner in your life, then copy and paste the above, attach a picture of the two of you, and post it! I wanna see couples pictures of all my friends please!!! love y’all!!”


(From a church gathering photo- August 10, 2017)

Today:  3/22/2020  Now we can sleep DURING church or AT church, take your pick. LOL! Actually this is the afternoon nap after the service and after the discussion time and after the Titus 2 ladies had gone back to their home.  Stay Safe.  Stay Connected!