Turning The Table On The Popular Narrative

Heard spoken by a TV commentator…”God help us, the world is upside down!”  Of course it is, but it’s not what you think it is.

For biblical Christians the world has ALWAYS been upside down. Finally, others are beginning to be able to see the REAL view of the world as it is from God’s view….. tilted away at a 180 degree, a diametrically-opposed posture which is enmity against the Kingdom of God. This has been the case since satan got booted out of fellowship in the heavenly realm for the same things he has set out to deceive all of us into.

Some are fortunate enough to have read the inspired history, exhortations, testimonies, prophecies, and letters of those who already have seen and known this reality and, in doing so, have gotten the true view of how to deal with satan’s games and the world’s sleazy carnival of illusions and sleight of hand.

The Kingdom of God is very near, as it has always been.  It is just oriented at a different angle than what many around us can observe. Let those with eyes to see, see…. those with ears to hear, hear….. Nothing has changed significantly since Jesus was among us in the flesh here, except that we are closer to the time when the resurrected Jesus Christ is going to return to put it all right side up and banish the contrarians who will never see the truth for having been mesmerized by the shiny counterfeit disguised in the chimera of a cornea-scaled, limited vision.

Christ turned the tables upside down with a righteous fury upon those corrupt moneychangers who were deceiving and abusing God’s people then, and he’s going to come do it again  What God reveals in the principles of his Word carried out in the physical realm, he will repeat and set right forever when the spiritual realm comes to be upon the New Earth.  But it is going to be more than the moneychangers’ tables in the Temple this time….. It’s going to be the entire created realm that is going to get flipped over to right side up this time!  And Jesus’ righteous fury will spare nothing that violates His Father’s house!