Do As You Have Seen Me Do

I have given you an example to follow. Do as I have done to you. (John 13:15 NLT)
“What are we to do to fulfill this commandment? One way to answer that question is to consider what makes us feel cleaner and more fit for the Master’s table. When someone takes the time to listen to me, I feel as if my feet have been washed. When I am complimented, my feet have been washed. When someone shares a joy with me, my feet have been washed. When someone values my ear enough to share a burden or confess, my feet have been washed. There are countless ways to wash feet. We need only to begin to notice where the dirt comes from in our own lives and we can give cleansing to others. This thought altered my approach to Sunday sermonizing. I began to realize that neatly dressed people seated neatly in rows are not feeling very neat and clean inside…they, like me, need their feet washed.”
(Gayle Erwin in The Jesus Style). 7/8/2015