In Christ

My words for 2024 are “incarnation” and “calm.” The Titus 2 ladies and I are using E. Stanley Jones’ devotional work entitled “In Christ” this year, exploring what it means to BE “IN CHRIST.”. Incarnation has captured my attention through many references during the Advent and Christmastide season that just ended on January 6.
Josh Leroi writing in the book “Protagonist” that we used this year for our Advent season devotional, references a lofty “otherly” view of God that many hold. I have referred to that as a “transcendent” view of God that places Him beyond man’s reach and understanding. Too many have that view of God but it is that kind of thinking that results in us holding God at a distance and limiting what He can do in and through us. In the incarnation through Jesus’ birth God made Himself accessible, available and imminent (defined as “near by” or “impending”) to humankind. By the gift of the Holy Spirit through faith in Jesus Christ God has made Himself available in a personally intimate way. When we receive the fullness of the Holy Spirit by incarnating Him throughout our own spirit, soul, and body, surrendering to God’s fulfilment of His will and plan for our life and purpose in and through us, we have become as close to Christ-likeness as is possible for humankind, in my understanding, until such time as eternal new-being is made complete in afterlife abiding.
The more incarnationally I live, by the constant awareness of the Holy Spirit presence, the more at peace, calm even in the midst of storms, I will be.
Hence…….”incarnation” and “calm” for 2024.