Life At The Speed of Light: If You Can’t Stop, Wave or Honk

When a man and woman get married, if each brings priority of life in Christ to the relationship and manages to negotiate the currents and stay in the boat, they are probably able to understand quantum mechanics. Last night Bill and I watched Einstein’s Quantum Riddle. He had already viewed it and found it intriguing. So we watched it together. He said, “Do you understand this??” I said, “Yes.” He looked at me incredulously and said, “How.”

Well, I DID win the Bausch and Lomb Science Award for academics in high school. And I DID major in Laboratory Science at Auburn University which entailed a heavy dose of chemistry, biology, and physics. And I DID intern and work in medical settings, the goal of which was to apply those principles to support life and sustain and improve health. I should have added, ” And I DID get a master’s degree in counseling and psychology and I HAVE worked with the convoluted thinking of addictive and other life-limiting behavioral issues for a long time. I could have added that I HAVE been married to you for 47 years.”

I’m very aware of the problem of trying to explain how something (an idea, an emotion, a conflict, even a person’s very soul and spirit or sub-atomic quarks) can theoretically exist in two places simultaneously through some unrecognized invisible “string”, out maneuver all kinds of obstacles and manage to avoid being seen and work in harmony with one another without either one being diminished. The problem is not understanding the concepts and theories…. it’s PROVING THEM and LIVING THEM OUT without having them blow up in your face or disappear before your eyes that is the riddle! I do a lesson on relationships and can explain the concepts with stick figure drawings. It’s almost JUST LIKE QUANTUM MECHANICS! I can even give you math formulas for how to make it work theoretically. But there are “unknowns” that will only be discovered and proven over time and through trial and error. It keeps life interesting. God and I have a lot of fun as I test and he keeps revealing the principles that underlie the observed activity of the various elements involved.

Bill just asked me what I was writing and I read this post to him and we had a 15 minute conversation about quantum mechanics, string theory, and the current state of evolving scientific endeavors in the field! LOL! Just Sunday morning coffee talk….. Sure beats the years when we argued about abortion rights vs. sanctity of life, financial priorities, child discipline, complementarianism vs. egalitarianism, which family we’d spend Christmas with, and such family life dilemmas. 😍😍