Titus 2 Update

I developed a series of re-parenting classes based on Biblical principles and have taught them now for over 16 years as I’ve discipled women in life recovery. With the Titus 2 Ministry’s move away from 24/7 residential recovery care to out patient and community care, I am now scheduled for classes 4 days a week at three residential recovery facilities teaching about the human condition, how God created us to grow and thrive in a holistic spirit, soul, and body way, how God in Jesus Christ exemplified the principles and modeled The Way for us, and how God’s Holy Spirit guides and directs lives that have been committed to following Christ.

In January 2017 God told me through a prophetic utterance that I would walk through a doorway He had prepared. He said He knew I would be obedient and that I would see all He had done and, when I was through the doorway, I would see that it would be “pleasant” and that He would be with me every step of The Way.

In addition to teaching on behalf of Titus 2 Partnership, Inc., even now without the 24/7 residence, I have individuals who have been provided temporary residence in my personal home while working through transitions. Titus 2 pays for all copying and supplies for teaching classes, as well as all teaching resources that are needed. The ministry provides personal needs that are met by Titus 2’s resources when individuals do not have employment yet. We supplement the resources of the ministries with which we partner, too. The ministry provides a Titus 2 vehicle, maintenance and service to get me to teaching classes, meetings, appointments with people, etc. So while many of the physical facility expenses of maintaining a 24/7 residence have been eliminated, all the other costs- transportation, PO box, office supplies and equipment, licensing, accounting, meeting community care needs in case management cases, etc. are all still in place. Titus 2 still needs monthly financial support.

In the last few months Titus 2 financed a short term no interest loan for purchase of a small trailer to place on a family member’s property to avoid homelessness for a young married couple expecting a baby. We held a baby shower for the expectant couple. We provided a no interest loan to a small business owner to help him get back on his feet after a temporary set back. We worked with another young married couple with a new baby to locate a more affordable housing solution, transition out of military service, access local veteran and community services and into a stable job to avoid bankruptcy or homelessness. We have also paid for a minor auto repair, assissted three women who lacked insurance in accessing medical care, assisted with employment searches and money management education. Titus 2 secured and delivered needed items (1 bunk bed, 4 car seats, diapers/wipes, and additional furniture) for three foster families through participation in the CarePortal partnership between Florida’s Department if Children and Families, NWFlHealth Agency, Heart of the Bride Ministry, several Bay County churches, and individuals. Additionally, Titus 2 case manages the community benevolence requests for 2 partner churches, as well as managing its own community care benevolence request budget.

Titus 2 will be providing a no interest short term auto loan next week for a person whose job and housing are now stable. People often fail to account for how necessary transportation is in maintaining employment, housing, and self sufficiency.

These opportunities to serve women and families occur because God brings them to us through divine-appointments and qualified referrals. We often work alongside them for months or years in achieving improved relationships with God, within themselves, with family members and others. This is not charity work. It is not social work. It is Kingdom work.

Please consider financial support for the work of Titus 2. I nor our board members or volunteers take any salary or benefits from this ministry. All resources are used to benefit individuals, families, agencies, and other ministries in our community as God directs.

All praise and glory to God for His faithfulness in all things, all the time! Amen.Thank you!