Defining Our Mission

We provide mental health support, including approved use of basic mental health medications and access to mental health services. We are not, however a mental health facility.  When someone’s primary mode of self presentation is to tell me how their multiple mental health diagnoses demand the use of anti-anxiety medications and other mental health medications with potential for abuse before they’ve even gotten sufficiently started in our program, I advise them promptly that such demands are beyond the scope of our continuum of care.  Titus 2 is a community residence that utilizes cognitive behavior techniques, motivational interviewing, character and values development, discipleship, mentoring, stabilization of lifestyle toward a work-ordered existence, and more.  If one is seeking to simply live out a life story of mental illness to support a belief that she can’t live a moderately normal, well adjusted life, caring for herself and engaging in healthful relationships with others, then we are not the place for her.  Dramatic acting out is not allowed.  We don’t indulge one who attempts to play the “crazy” card to manage the dynamics in the house to her advantage. Each person does her own work and carries her own knapsack.  Everyone who comes must be teachable and sufficiently motivated to achieve a level of stability and compatibility in the communal environment. Generally, once the ground rules are established and one knows what will and will not be accepted, she settles down and does the work…….or she moves on to another venue where such behaviors can be acted out.