Words About God’s Will from the Past…..

From a Journal post 5/22/11:

The last week has been a time of self-reflection.  Last Tuesday we had a group of women from Port St. Joe United Methodist Church visiting at Bethel Village.  As Billy Fox was talking about the proposed BV expansion, which has been delayed about a year, it occurred to me that maybe I am the  obstacle, that God has been slow in answering prayers for this project because I was not sufficiently equipped to see it through or because I am too much operating in my own strength instead of His.  Then yesterday while we were in worship at the AGRM conference, Doc Oberholt prayed for those who are doing exactly that and I felt convicted.  Then when we got the Southern District meeting and our project was mentioned I felt it again.  Because it was beginning to be a regular thought, I felt led to share it with Billy, for accountability’s sake, to give us both something specific to pray about.  Now, mindful that it is not always just a matter of enemies being against us, but maybe it is also a matter of God withholding it in order to assure that our hearts are right in the matter,  I can be more intentional in my role, at least.  It should not simply be my thinking I have a correct plan and asking God to bless it.  I must be more intentional in seeking His will, in step with Him.

Lord, what is your will for the Bethel Village program.  What do you want me to put in place?  How can your will be more clearly expressed through our program, instructors, and curriculum resources?

Help me to be fully present, authentic, warm, and caring to our students that they will know your love for them.