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Cathy Boyd Byrd invites you ponder topics of interest to those on the Christian spiritual journey.....spirituality, mental health, Christian growth, Bible study. For some it begins as a transition from emotional emergency of brokenness to spiritual emergence and abundant living! Share your journey with others!

Cathy is a Christian Educator, Life Recovery Counselor, and ordained deacon. She is a student (disciple) of the Holy Spirit and shares with her students (disciples) the things the Lord teaches her through the Word, incorporating experiences interpreted through the Word, cherished traditions of her faith, and reasoning that comes from seeking the mind of Christ in accountable community. She is evangelical and Wesleyan, married to Bill since 1972, Mother of 2, and grandmother Gigi of 5. Her journey of faith has been a lifelong adventure with the trailblazer and guide, Jesus Christ!

Cathy is the Program Manager for a women's residential recovery program, Titus 2 Partnership, Inc.(www.titus2.life) in Panama City, Florida.

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