“Big Picture” Prayer – Latter Rain Favor and Redemption of All Creation

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Pastor Craig Carter, has asked our church staff to share our “big picture” prayers for ministries and missions.   Some have already shared about their “big picture” hopes and prayers.  Over the last week I keep coming back to one … Read More

Lessons from the Syrophoenician Woman’s Plea

A heretical bishop in the United Methodist Church had written that this story, told in Matthew 15:21-28 and in Mark 7:24-30, is an example of Jesus’ bigotry and misogyny, that he would ignore a Gentile woman’s pleading for help.  But as … Read More

“When you pray…” Jesus’ Teaching on Prayer

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What we can learn about prayer from Jesus’ statements on prayer……and from his example. 1.) Prayer is expected of believers. Jesus prefaced his instruction on prayer with the words “When you pray…”, not “If you pray…” 2.) Matthew 6:5- Do … Read More

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