Recovery Resources Self-Assessment Scale as a Means of Kickstarting Transformational Healing

I have referenced before educator Dr. Ruby K. Payne and her book, Bridges Out of Poverty, that helped me so much to understand the hidden rules associated with the three broad socio-economic classes.   Another book of hers, A Framework … Read More

Christians Growing Christians: To Know God….. Trinitarian Godhead, Attributes of God, and Doctrine of Salvation

This post is part of a multipart teaching that is used with discipleship students.   The series is called “Christians Growing Christians- Practical Christian Living and Discipleship”.  It is intended to help foster a biblical worldview in new or growing … Read More

Not Everything that Sounds Good, Loving, and Biblical Is

    The article referenced below on “The Platinum Rule” is interesting, but I don’t find it particularly helpful in light of the current situation within many contexts-  churches, workplaces, and communities.   For merely superficial, casual associations or when traveling … Read More

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