Sharing Family Memories

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At Christmas, I shared some memories of our Daddy with my siblings as a present to them. My younger brother, Dan Boyd, said he had some memories he cherished and had been thinking about. I encouraged him to write them down. This morning I found 5 emails from him, each with a memory from his past. Here is one of them….. This is just like my sweet Dan!

Chicken livers
The pretty red head asked me what I would like as I salivated over the chicken livers thru the glass cover. I told her my order. including mashed potatoes and butter beans. then after hesitating for a couple of seconds I said, “You know when we get to heaven the first thing we’re gonna be presented with is a buffet of chicken livers!” Her face twisted in disgust as she loaded my plate and replied “Yuck, I don’t know about that. I hate um”. I was shocked. Anyway, I said “Well, you are going to heaven ain’t cha?” “Oh yes, I’m going!”, she replied. Immediately, I said “How do you know you going to heaven?” She stopped in mid- scoop like someone had just asked her to marry him broadcast on a screen at a football stadium. She looked up replied, “That’s a good question, no one has ever asked me that”. In the most sincere voice ever spoken to me was the question ,”I really don’t know, just how do I know I’m going to heaven?” She opened the door as I told her how much Jesus loved her and died for her. You know the message! She said she had done all that and believed in Him, smiling and seemed to be pondering the question more. I left praising God for the opportunity and asking for her to be discipled in His word. Ain’t God good?

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