Pandemic Suffering

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Entering our third month of Covid-19 limitations and losses, griefs and aggravations, fears and unsteadiness I have listened to and commiserated with a number of people as we have talked about the changes and expected changes. We have also discovered a few unexpected pleasant serendipities. But mostly it has been hard. It has called forth a deeper kind of faith and resilience and leaning into God than has been required of some. I have been in this place before. In fact, several times. That doesn’t mean I am comfortable here or that I enjoy it. It just means I know the territory. I’ve been taken to the wilderness more than a few times. I had no choice but to make friends with despair and hopelessness and I brought them to Jesus’ lap as my companions in life. He taught me how to live with them in community because they, like the poor among us, would not leave. It’s why I sometimes seem aggravated and defiant or impatient with those who will not learn to deal better with suffering in life. There is a Way through this. God made a Way when there seemed to be no Way. He is still The Way.

In spite of thorns and thistles I am still a glass half full girl, a Romans 8:28 believer, an eternal optimist……I know some find that hard to believe. But it’s true. Just because there is evil in the world and life is difficult does not mean God is not present, that he is not good, that righteousness will not prevail or that Jesus is not coming back. It just means that some people don’t know the truth. Yet. I get impatient with THAT sometimes. And God has to calm my spirit and remind me that he has it all in his plan. It looks chaotic to me, but I’m just his little girl. I can go play my piano and disciple the ladies he sends me and do my thing and he’ll handle his God stuff! So, i will.

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