Coming and Going

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This Easter 2018 morning, as some drove to Carillon Beach and back, church parking lots were observed filled to overflowing…including a long line of cars parked along Back Beach Road at one church. Law enforcement officers worked to manage traffic … Read More

Not Everything that Sounds Good, Loving, and Biblical Is

    The article referenced below on “The Platinum Rule” is interesting, but I don’t find it particularly helpful in light of the current situation within many contexts-  churches, workplaces, and communities.   For merely superficial, casual associations or when traveling … Read More

“Come Unto Me” ….Then…. “Go Ye Into All The World” – The Role of the “Church” or “the church”.

Many times when women come into our program and are required to attend church, they are squeamish.  One had an absolutely horrible panic attack the first time she walked in with me, she said she was afraid she’d be struck … Read More