“Big Picture” Prayer – Latter Rain Favor and Redemption of All Creation

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Pastor Craig Carter, has asked our church staff to share our “big picture” prayers for ministries and missions.   Some have already shared about their “big picture” hopes and prayers.  Over the last week I keep coming back to one … Read More


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I have been to court a number of times for a variety of reasons….to receive court ordered clients into recovery, to testify regarding someone’s progress in or completion of a program or court supervised case plan or probation, for a … Read More

Moral Development- Micro and Macro Applications

Moral Development Theory and Practice in Discipling Individuals and as Revealed in the Broad View of Biblical History                                                                 Cathy Byrd  3-18-17   In the character formation and spiritual formation work that we do at Titus 2, there is a … Read More