Not Everything that Sounds Good, Loving, and Biblical Is

    The article referenced below on “The Platinum Rule” is interesting, but I don’t find it particularly helpful in light of the current situation within many contexts-  churches, workplaces, and communities.   For merely superficial, casual associations or when traveling … Read More

Dying to Know the Truth…….

5-14-17                                                                    How many of us, as we grew older and, hopefully, wiser, discovered that our mothers, and our fathers, maybe, just maybe, actually DID know more than we did?  I was the only member of … Read More

Pondering Fact Versus Truth

My friend and sister in Christ, Karen White, is a John Maxwell-trained life coach.  Her blog on “fact versus Truth” this week has me thinking…..                                                                               The difference between “fact” and “truth” is a bit like the difference between “happiness” … Read More

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