“Come Unto Me” ….Then…. “Go Ye Into All The World” – The Role of the “Church” or “the church”.

Many times when women come into our program and are required to attend church, they are squeamish.  One had an absolutely horrible panic attack the first time she walked in with me, she said she was afraid she’d be struck … Read More

One down, ten to go…..

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I completed my first semester of seminary courses required for deacon candidacy two months ago. The second semester began today with a course on the history of Methodism. It’ll go until early May. Then summer semester will begin. I can … Read More

Tick, tock, tick, tock……

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After what has been essentially a decade long journey, a good friend of mine finally received official notification yesterday that she will be ordained as an elder in the United Methodist Church at our annual conference in June. She’s been … Read More

God’s sense of humor…..

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Last week I read two devotionals on Wednesday and Thursday regarding the Gerasene demoniac in Mark 5,(“The Right Weapon” and “Managed or Solved?” by Lorraine Ezell at www.mastersbusiness.org). The first one was on how the people sought to manage the … Read More

Jumping through hoops…..

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When I was in junior high and high school, I played basketball. I was pretty good, making the varsity team as a freshman. Later I was a cheerleader. I was reasonably athletic. But that was many years (and pounds) ago. … Read More

Leaping or plodding…..

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In recent months, as I completed graduate school and UMC certification studies and sought employment opportunities, I had been feeling a nagging impulse to take the next step in the UMC church toward a local pastor license as a means … Read More

It’s real….

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I have been getting on the job training as a Christian educator for over 5 years through my church and completed my work toward certification as a Christian educator in May. But recently, as I began to explore the possibility … Read More

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