“When you pray…” Jesus’ Teaching on Prayer

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What we can learn about prayer from Jesus’ statements on prayer……and from his example. 1.) Prayer is expected of believers. Jesus prefaced his instruction on prayer with the words “When you pray…”, not “If you pray…” 2.) Matthew 6:5- Do … Read More

Working Myself Out of a Job

  I have been pondering again……                                                                                                7/19/17 I think I have discovered a spiritual gift that will not exist in heaven!  And it is one that has been given to me….in essence, as I pursue it I am working myself … Read More

Foundations class……

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Saddleback Church has published a DVD curriculum called Foundations. It’s 11 DVDs with 4 sessions per DVD on various basic Christian doctrines. I am enjoying facilitating a class that is using the curriculum. Most everyone is a new Christian and … Read More

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